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Monday, October 03, 2005

He's Everywhere! He's Everywhere!

Run for the hills, my Washingtonian friends!

Matthew Lesko, TV-personality and all-around weirdo extraordinaire is taking over the world!

I was at Regal Cinemas in Gallery Place/Chinatown on Friday night, watching Serenity for the third time in five days (yes, I know, I am a silly sci-fi nerd. So sue me), and there he was! I fumbled with the camera a bit (in case the blurry picture didn't clue you in) and had to elbow through the line, but I caught him in his evening garb: it's black with a bowtie, instead of his typical blue-gray suit.

Apparently, he never ventures anywhere without those telltale question-marks on his clothing. An interesting character, to say the least.

I saw more than my share of bizarre characters at the three Serenity screenings I attended--and only a few of those were actual viewers of the movie (and of those viewers who could be described as "bizarre characters," three of them were me.)

For a recounting of this highly-amusing week, see below:


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