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Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Wonder: Is Patience A Virtue Or Not?

Either way, I don't have it.

Just been reflecting: I am NOT a patient person. At all. For better or worse, I want it all NOW, be it answers to question, knowledge of the future, money, or candy. I hate waiting. I hate being kept waiting.

On one hand, I'm about to start rehearsals for Cabaret, and continue my weekend trips to Renaissance Faire, but on the other hand...I'm looking at apartments in Orlando online. I haven't had a place of my own in over five years--I want to move NOW!

To hell with law school, I'm tired of being a student, I want to start my job NOW!

I want to find that perfect Renaissance bodice and start putting my own Faire costume together--NOW!

Just call me Veruca Salt (preferably not the Tim Burton version, thank you.)

Well, no, maybe not Veruca anymore. I can keep my mouth shut about wanting most things, but inside, I'm a mass of stress and turmoil. I want my desire, I want my answers, I want whateverthehell I want...NOW.

Nothing frustrates me more than not being able to get answers as soon as I want them. Even if there's nothing I can really do about it--or if diplomacy, tact, and just plain common sense demand that I hold my peace.

I want to know how Harry Potter book seven ends--NOW!
I want to know if he's interested in me--NOW!
I want to know what my grade on my summer paper is--NOW!
I want to know how the story ends--NOW!
I want to know who, what, where, why, and how--RIGHT BLOODY NOW!

Guess I'm just an "instant gratification" kind of girl.

Can't be a good thing for a lawyer, being this impatient. Writing helps me bide time when I'm waiting for something--anything--so that's good. Usually I can handle waiting for material things; it's the answers to questions that drive me the most crazy. I thought I was going to go bonkers waiting to find out if I'd landed a job offer.

This concludes my self-exploratory ramble. I think I need to go to bed.


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