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Monday, September 19, 2005


Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, ye scurvy dogs! All hands on deck! Set the topsails! We sail for booty in waters unknown!

In the spirit of the day, I shall take the opportunity to invite ye sea-dogs to pillage the music of The Pyrates Royale, me new favorite music group. First heard their dulcet strains at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. They specialize in sea chanties and other funny old tunes, perform in costume, and are the band of choice at the Maryland Faire's notorious "Pub Sing." They're pictured above, at the Globe Stage on my first visit to the Ren Faire.

From the left, ye see the notorious Molly Stubbs (aka Chelle Fulk) violinist and vocalist maid whose naivete leads sailors to prey upon her, Kat Fairbanks (aka Darcy Nair) vocalist and player of several instruments whose names I can't even spell and whose solos brought a pub full of rowdy drunks to near-total silence (that lady is GOOD), Skivvy (aka Craig Williams) vocalist and guitarist with a penchant for preying on the local ladies and getting the Pyrates banned from certain ports, Captain Fletcher Moone (aka Brad Howard) lead vocalist and self-proclaimed "principal bastard," and Drake Mallard (aka Paul DiBlasi) self-proclaimed guitarist and hug-monger.

Even if ye can't make the Renaissance Faire, but enjoy old sea chanties and rowdy, non-pop music, give this motley crew yer ear! Bloody brilliant, they are!


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