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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Vitamin D...Or Whatever...

An interesting line in one of my favorite Harry Potter fanfiction pieces goes as follows:

There were times in Azkaban when I thought I'd go mad, or already was. Not from the Dementors, but just from the lack of sun and the warmth of it on my

It just occurred to me today, sitting in my law school dorm room with the window open, listening to the noise of 395 and myriad construction projects they're always doing in downtown DC. That story has always been one of my favorites, one of the best written, and I think I know why: the author has a way of making the readers relate.

I'm nocturnal by nature--I do my best writing, my best studying at night. I seem to think better at night. But consequentially, I tend to do most of my sleeping during the day (getting up and dragging my groggy self to class notwithstanding). Sometimes it seems to take its toll.

These past few weekends at Faire and white-water rafting with my friends, I've felt incredibly alive. You always hear about how people need to spend time in the sun, but it doesn't quite sink in until you find yourself craving it--like Sirius Black in the quote above. I crave chocolate on a regular basis, sometimes I crave swimming or the feel of water on my skin...right now I'm craving sunlight.

Class isn't for three hours. I think it's time for a walk on the Mall.

ETA: After two hours walking from Georgetown Law Center to the White House in 85 degree weather, I think I've safely satisfied my craving. Possibly with a side of sunburn. Whew!


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