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Thursday, July 20, 2006

There Is No Right To Behave Stupidly

Cross-posted to my LiveJournal, because...

I am a blogging fool. You all know it. I admit it, and I'm not pretentious about it. I like writing about me, I like writing about my thoughts, I like writing about my reaction to stuff that goes on, both in the world and at home.

Is my right to blog protected? Sure, as much as any freedom of speech is protected in this country in this day and age (but that's a different rant.)

However, freedom of speech, whether on a blog or in the news or on the street, does not protect a person from being required to answer for what they say. Friendships can be destroyed, and have been.

The same holds true for jobs.

Obviously, Petite Anglaise doesn't understand that, and once again, we get another person making a complete idjit of themself, in which their stupid behavior gets them into trouble, leading them to caterwaul about rights they don't have.

From CNN:

One's "right to blog" does not extend to a wholesale right to chatter revealing and oft-insulting things about one's work and colleagues, dearie. You can and should be fired for that just as you could and should be if you got up on a table and yelled about your boss's "plummy Oxbridge accent" and how "very old school... He wears braces and sock suspenders (although I don't have any firsthand experience of those), stays in gentlemen's clubs when in London, and calls secretaries 'typists" in a crowded restaurant.

Not all businesses have a legal requirement of confidentiality. But all businesses DO have a PROFESSIONAL requirement of discretion and good judgment. You didn't use it. You got caught, you got fired. Your employers were not spying on you or "influencing your day-to-day life" as one rather ignorant commentor put it--you did the equivalent of writing those words on the office bulletin board. It was there for the reading, and you get no protection from your own foolishness.

Grow up. I do hope the court makes the right decision and informs you that you made the bed and must now lie in it, and tosses you and your silly "discrimination" lawsuit out of the hallowed halls of justice.

We all want to rant about work or mock it on occasion--okay, often. That's life. But discretion and professionalism is also life--or at least it is if we want to KEEP those jobs.

I admit I left a rather sharply-worded comment on her blog about the firing. I'm increasingly ornery these days, with less patience for stupidity, and even less for self-pity. (Maybe that last is a bit hypocritical of me, what with my Bar!Whines every damn day, but oh well.)


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