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Monday, October 24, 2005

Lee, Is There Something We All Don't Know About You?

Has anyone else noticed that dear old Lee Goldberg, self-professed enemy and bain of all things fanfiction and general perversion in literature, has become more and more obsessed with posting increasingly-detailed "examples" of the oh-so-depraved material?

Scroll down his main page, note the pictures of the book covers, and the detailed and exceedingly gross example of Willy Wonka fanfiction. While the latter was no doubt written by the losers who style themselves as fanfiction's version of "shock jocks," and I think it's obnoxious (not to mention revolting), for someone who claims to hate such material so much, Lee certainly devotes a lot of time to advertising it! In the past few months, there have been pictures of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock in a most suggestive and semi-nude position displayed on Lee's blog for all to see and lament the twistedness of their makers. Oh yes. He's just doing this so we'll all know how WRONG it is! Yes, sir!

Better be careful, Lee, or people will start thinking you enjoy finding and reading these "examples" that you share with us!


Blogger Skrike said...

Naw! The thing with fanfiction is that people don't get what it is until shown the seamy underbelly. LG's getting a kick out of the shock factor.

11:19 PM  

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