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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Way To Go, Congresswoman Brown-Waite!

(Cross-posted to my LJ because it's just so damn funny!)

"Oops, Did they send that?"

When Clermont resident Scott Brown sent U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite a recent e-mail complaining about domestic spying, he was hoping for a response.

He got more than he hoped for.What Brown received was a reply from Brown-Waite (no relation) that included both a pre-edited and final e-mail version -- with very different messages.For instance, the first draft had the Crystal River Republican saying: "Please know that I will continue to monitor the developments of this situation with the security of our nation and the rights of our citizens in mind."

But in the final version, the promise to keep tabs on the situation was struck out (as evidenced by the red text with a line through it).In place of it was the following (underlined in blue): "Those who attack the President for this operation are reckless partisans and should know better. They are putting political gain ahead of the security of this nation."

Brown said Monday that he wasn't really upset by the response -- just amused. "I give them credit. They did make an effort to correct a whole bunch of the typos," he said, "including misspelling Vice President Cheney's name."Charlie Keller, a spokesman for Brown-Waite, apologized for the mistake, explaining that staffers write early drafts and that the congresswoman signs off on the final version.

Pfft. In the office I worked in, the staff would not be so incompetent as to allow something like THAT to leave the office, and such an asinine statement would not have been made in the first place (and yes, for those who don't know, the office I worked in was that of Congresswoman Karen Thurman. You do the math about my motives.)

Seriously, Brown-Waite is the creature who wanted to trot over to France and dig up our World War II veterans when the French wouldn't blindly follow us into Iraq in 2003. She takes the political lemming thing seriously: patriotism and sheepdom are one and the same for both citizens and allies.


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