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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

More Self-Indulgent Cat Lover Bragging...

Yes, I have already paraded him around my LiveJournal, and now all my Blog readers get to meet him.

Behold Tara, the most beautiful cat to ever live. I have been sometimes mother cat, sometimes litter mate to that precious little eight-pound, long-haired tuxedo since I was six years old, and most recently he has been the test model for my new digital camera (whose case strap is in the corner of the picture.)

I adore cats, and none more than Tara. He lives in Florida with my parents; my hectic, constantly-moving law student lifestyle is too intense for an aged feline citizen like him. And I never stop missing him.

As with my LJ readers, be warned: any comments that do not express unconditional adoration of His Preciousness shall result in the commentor being cyber-stalked and ritually dismembered on the altar of the goddess Bast.

(And you all just wish your cat was that pretty!)


Blogger Claire said...

Sorry, darling. Beg to differ. I have a cat, a white and black, who never misses opportunity to tell me she's be-yoo-ti-ful. Not as old as yours though. 15 years old and looking great. You don't tell Tara, and I won't tell mine that she has competition. Because Tara is one good looking feline.

2:30 AM  
Blogger Jocelyn Smith said...

[glare] I still say my Tara is the prettiest in the universe. Show me a tuxedo cat with as perfect a moustache! ;-)

3:02 AM  

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