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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


So it's probably not Meniere's Disease. (Thanks for the tip, though, Lincoln and Claire.) I did broach the subject with two doctors at the Student Health Center, but each tossed that possibility due to the nature of my dizzy spells--specifically, no spinning. Meniere's Disease seems pretty solid in the "classic vertigo" department, and whatever's going on in my head/ears is anything but.

Nothing came up in my blood tests except elevated anti-nuclear antibodies (even as a nurse's daughter, that was a new term for me) so now I'm off on a referral to Rheumatology to see if they can shed some light on that--even though the ANAs may not be connected to the dizzy spells at all. I'm also trying an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist.

Gotta love the shotgun approach!

If I do have some kind of Condition, I hope it doesn't have a name that ends in "Disease" or "Syndrome." The stigma of those types of terms scare teh bejeezus out of me, not to mention anyone who discovers I have it, even if it's something like "Chronic Epidermal Irritation Syndrome" whose primary and only symptom is being ticklish (relax, I made it up, there's no such Syndrome.)


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