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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Writer's Blahs

I haven't had it this bad in months. Nothing is motivating me at the moment, not my novels, not my screenplay, not my outlines, not my fanfic. And certainly not my law school first-day reading assignments.

It could well be start-of-semester blues. I'm back in Georgetown Law's student center (cheapest ten-month lease in Washington, DC), with my lovely view of I-395, deafening traffic noise, and delivered groceries, feeling like a 1L again, but gads, I am bored.

I know the one and only way to deal with the proverbial "writer's block" is to push on through it until the words start flowing more swiftly, but it's still a drag. And usually if I get blocked on a novel, I have at least one fanfic that's interesting me that I can switch to for awhile, just for a "change of scenery." Or vice versa if the fanfic juices aren't flowing. At the moment, I feel like my brain is full of wet cement, and I tend to be at a loss if I'm not writing something!

You know: it's the "don't wanna go anywhere, don't wanna do anything, would-take-a-nap-if-I-hadn't-already-slept-till-12:30 pm" feeling.

It will probably get better this week or next week, once school has started and the routine of life is a little more normal. And my Gilbert & Sullivan activities start up again.

But for now...bleh.


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